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Monday, September 29, 2008

Ready for Winter?

Temperatures are dropping steadily, rain is coming more frequently and one of these days, not too long from now, the rain will become snow.
It's been a busy time behind the bushes in the Twisted Thicket these days, getting ready for the long winter ahead! I have many new things to show you that will be making their appearance in my Etsy shop begining on Wednesday, October 1! I may give you all a sneak peek here on my blog tomorrow.
You know how we are supposed to be moving to AZ? We still are planning to, however, it seems that the forces that be are working against us for some reason. Everytime we start to make headway, something happens to delay us once again. This pattern holds true still to this day.
This weekend, my car bit the dust. Not an accident, although it could have resulted in one. On Saturday, my car was running fine until I went to leave the parking lot of Pets Plus (where I get my dog food). I got in the car, started it up, and the motor sounded horrible--sputtering, choking, and not wanting to idle at all. This store is quite a few miles from our house that we get to by taking a back road through the woods. Not able to go over 25 mph, we finally made it home. The people on the road (hilly & many curves) behind me were not too happy and I tried to stay on the shoulder as much as possible. So many times I thought my car was going to die right out. We finally made it home though and my car's been sitting in the driveway ever since.
I've narrowed it down to a couple things: the computer or the fuel pump may be shot. If it is the fuel pump, it will be less expensive to fix. If it is the computer...well let's hope it is the fuel pump. *sigh*
So, here we sit. No public transportation, and everything is a good ways away from where we live. I cannot believe how many things have been going wrong lately...yet we are still hanging in there! :)
I'm off to the bushes to work on some more goodies for you all!
Have a great day!!


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