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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gourd Relief

filigree6, originally uploaded by avision4.

This is one of the new pieces I uploaded to my Etsy shop. It is called "Filigree Dreams" and is made up of four distinct panels of intricate carving. Each panel is a relief made up of many different levels.

Two new , small, gourd Jack O'Lanterns were added to the shop for Halloween as well. They turned out quite cute.

And now for a bit of Off-Topic news:

Still working on getting my car running perfect again. Replaced the plugs and wires (platinum plugs) total spent on that: $155.00. Car still runs terrible...or should I say barely runs. It has no spunk, no get up and go at all. While driving and trying to accelerate, the car sputters and chokes like it is going to die... and nearly does. It has a very hard time just trying to get to 55, it is quite scarey trying to drive down the highway like that.

Anyway, my Son is coming up this weekend to see if he can get it running right again. :) When he is not roofing, he builds stock cars and pulling trucks. :)

That's it for now! :)

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