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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lost & Confused in My Own Web

(Above: my web as it is now)
I was checking out a lot of my old bookmarks, saved emails, and things like that and found that I really am quite scattered all over the web. This is, for me anyway, both good AND bad.

It's good because it is a great idea to be visible in many places.
It is bad because some of these places I have completely forgotten about.

I haven't updated my info in some places in a long, long time, haven't posted to the forums I used to be a regular on, and for the forum that I own...well, it's in a sad state and it's actually about last on the list of places that I will update. I'm not even sure if I will keep it up just for information purposes or do away with it. Believe it or not, that forum still has people that go there.
(Above: my web after quite a bit of work)

Between now and the end of next week (maybe longer), I am working to pull myself together web-wise and will be documenting exactly where I am located and putting together a schedule that will help me to keep these other places updated on, at least, a monthly basis. This is definitely something that needs to be done.

I've been online since 1998 -- Basically, this means I have a lot of work to do!
(Below: my web when the work is finished...isn't it nice!)


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