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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No More Dog Ears!

Bookmark - gradient red, originally uploaded by avision4.

Artful Markers, A wee bit of art for your books!

Recently, while going through a lot of things I have stored in my shop, I came across some wooden slats that are about 8 inches long. I couldn't remember what I had originally planned to do with them so I thought I'd revive an old idea and give it new life--Artful Markers! This one pictured is one of four that I have listed in my shop now.

I have some that are painted and some that are pyroengraved and painted (not listed yet). Some have dangles and others (like the one here) do not.

They have been really fun to make. They also get treated with several coats of water-based, gloss finish which not only brings out the vibrant colors, but makes them very durable.

Our yard sale has been moved to the end of this week. Weather made having a yard sale virtually impossible last weekend.

That's okay by me, gives me more time to get even more things together. :)


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