“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Our first day of snow came yesterday, as I mentioned in my previous post.
This picture was taken when it was snowing the heaviest. You can see the large flakes in this picture against the pine tree. Of course, you can maybe see them better if you squint and look at the picture with your nose pressed against the screen. lol

There is another picture further down at the end of this post, of the snow-covered ground. It wasn't much, but since the snow remained on the ground this morning, it does qualify as our first snowfall. It wont last, our temps are supposed to rise back up to the 50s by next Monday.

I want to brighten up my blog again. I'm getting tired of the dark green. This could take awhile since the CSS is so lengthy, and of course, I am only one person. So, not saying that it will happen overnite, but it will eventually. I can say though, that I do not want to go with a stark white. That is just too bright for my eyes.

Empty Easel has some great articles slated for this week, mine is scheduled for this coming Friday. Take a stroll over and check them out!

Right now, it is time to "make the donuts"! 'Till later...


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