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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Do We Really "See" When We Look at Something?

After an incident here the other day, I really have begun to wonder how well do I really "see" when I look at something.

Just like "selective hearing", I have begun to wonder if I have "selective sight". Is there such a thing? Do I look past everything else and focus only on one specific target? I believe I do, and also, I believe everyone does.

For example; have you ever watched an old western on TV and, instead of looking at the characters, etc., you look at the background scenery and sky? Every now and then, if you watch the scenery, you may see a plane or jet flying in the distance, or tracks from vehicles like trucks and cars. It's true, in some movies you will see things like that. It's pretty funny when you notice them, but at the same time, it kind of ruins the movie...it takes away from the realism that the producer tries to portray.

Anyway, the TV above is a Magnavox that we've had for years. The picture has always been crystal clear and the sound perfect. I would definitely recommend the Magnavox brand to everyone.

However, when you look at the above picture, do you see anything odd? Does it look normal to you? If not, take a closer look. Here, let me help:

All these years, we've never, Not ONCE, noticed that there is an "N" on the end of the word "Volume". Isn't that the strangest thing you've ever seen?

Not only that, but I wasn't the one to discover it. Nope! My daughter noticed it first.

I wonder how many of you have an "N" on the end of the word "volume" on your TVs. Or if there is anything else strange that you may have noticed on yours too.

I'm off to burn more ornaments now, just had to share this.
Have a great weekend!


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