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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tweet with Tr.im!

I'm not sure why I haven't had much of anything to say lately. Some days it is so hard to think of something to write along with all of the other work I am doing, that my blog just gets pushed to the back burner and set on a low simmer. Things will hopefully pick up again soon...who knows, maybe with this post. :D I hope so.

The other day I came across a new site to shorten urls, http://tr.im/ . This site, Trim, is very similar to http://Tinyurl.com but it makes your urls shorter than Tiny does. Not only that but, it also tracks traffic and lets you know who is visiting your link, if you get any comments (from Twitter) and where they're from, etc.. Here is an example of how much shorter a Trim link will become compared to Tinyurl.

This is the link I am going to reduce:

After using Trim:

After using Tiny:

Trim ( http://tr.im/ ) works along with Twitter very well since you are only allowed up to 140 characters, including spaces, every time you post. Plus, when you Trim your url you can also post it to Twitter right from the Tr.im site! Can't beat that at all! I hope you give it a try next time you tweet!

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