“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Not a Scratch!

Thursday afternoon, while I was watching CNN about the Minneapolis bridge disaster, something small hit my air conditioner, which was followed by a loud crash.

When I went outside to investigate, I found that our very large Maple tree lost one of it's large limbs and it landed partly on the picnic table where I sit and do a lot of my gourd work.

If it had not been so hot out that afternoon, I would have been sitting right there etching a gourd.

There was not much wind that day, it was relatively calm. I think the tree just finally decided to let it go. I'm so glad that none of us were outside under the tree that day.

Ahhh, and so now, my mind is a complete blank.


I love quiet mornings. I love to sit all by myself, read, enjoy the quiet. It's great when no one else is awake, especially in this small house. It's like I have the whole space to myself. It's my time to organize my thoughts, relax, and even write a little.

Lately though, whenever I get up, no matter how early it is....someone has to get up and follow me out into the main part of the house...not only that, but hover around me. Argh! Now I'm cooking breakfast and my dream of a quiet, uneventful morning has turned into a bustling, noisy mess. I will never have that chance again until tomorrow and hopefully others will sleep in.

Here's hoping you have a peaceful, creative weekend doing what you like to do best!


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