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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Re-visiting the Past

I Really Miss Going to the Drive-In!
Seriously, I do!

We used to have so much fun planning our Friday or Saturday nite trip to the drive-in. As kids, we all had a special spot picked in the family car to set up our pillows, blankets, toys, and snacks. We would start packing the car when Dad got home from work (there were 5 of us girls). Mom would make a huge bucket of popcorn, jugs of kool-aid, and lots of sandwhiches.

When we got there, Dad always found the perfect spot too. Somewhat close to the bathrooms and snackbar, but not too close. Also close enough to the playground area (below the giant screen) so that they could watch us with ease. We were always given a bit of change to buy icecream snacks while we were there too. It was great!

I wish they would have never closed them all down to build super cinema centers. It just isn't the same thing at all. :(

When I got older, it was even more fun going with a carload of your bestfriends or just your boyfriend. :)

If I had the money, I would definitely buy a huge plot of land and put one up. I think a lot of people would really enjoy revisiting the days of the drive-in theater.

(the photo above is of the Tallahassee drive-in theater taken in the mid-seventies. I chose this photo because it looks similar to the drive-in that we had here after it was abandoned and later demolished for the new super cinema that the owner put up)


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