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Saturday, May 9, 2009

The New Journal

A new journal for my daughter!

My daughter used up her old journal recently so I made her a new one out of an old school, two-pocket folder and the collar of an old shirt. It turned out great!

I made 7 signatures of 10 folios each to sew into the spine, which gives her 140 pages total!

The reason for the collar was to create the spine and also to cover the cut edges of the folder.
The paper I used for her journal is just 20 lb., bright white, copy paper.
The one I made myself last year, was made with 140lb. watercolor paper, but my journal is an art journal and hers is more of a diary.

I'm going to make and attach a strap to it to keep it closed when she isn't writing in it.

Still sitting on my big news, but you'll read about it pretty soon, sometime in the next week.
I'm so psyched and excited!

Have a great weekend!


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