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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Whitetail Buck Progress shot 5

Worked some more on this late last night. It's really coming along beautifully. I am very happy with him so far.

Today, we'll be going through and throwing out a lot of things in the basement, Oh joy. I can hardly contain myself from being too excited. :/

One of my shops is back online, the other will be back up today (or tonight) sometime.

Speaking of tonight, this is my favorite night for TV--Lost (8pm), UFO Hunters (9pm), Ghost Hunters (10pm). I especially Love LOST and have watched it from the very first episode!

If you are a LOST fan and are on Twitter, join in the LOST discussion during and after the show by typing #lost in your post about LOST. I use Tweet Deck and type in a search for #lost (in a new column), then I can follow the whole discussion and any @replies at the same time without having to change windows or tabs. :) Click here to follow me on Twitter .

All for now, hope to see you all tonight on Twitter.


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